School Set D (supplement for A, B and C) - Spanish

School Set D (supplement for A, B and C) - Spanish, 1004209 [W13339S], Spanish
School Set D (supplement for A, B and C) - Spanish, 1004209 [W13339S], Spanish
School Set D (supplement for A, B and C) - Spanish, 1004209 [W13339S], Spanish
School Set D (supplement for A, B and C) - Spanish, 1004209 [W13339S], Spanish
School Set D (supplement for A, B and C) - Spanish, 1004209 [W13339S], Spanish
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50 Slides.

Histology of Man and Mammals: 1(c) Ciliated epithelium, in t.s. of fallopian tube of pig 2(d) Tendon of cow, l.s. showing white fibrous tissue, stained for fibres and cells 3(f) Heart muscle, human, t.s. and l.s., branched fibres with central nuclei and intercalated discs 4(c) Lymph gland of pig, t.s. showing lymphoid tissue 5(c) Esophagus of cat, t.s. with stratified squamous epithelium, muscular layers 6(d) Stomach of cat, t.s. through fundic region showing gastric glands 7(d) Large intestine (colon), t.s. special stained for the mucous cells 8(d) Pancreas of pig, sec. showing islets of Langerhans 9(d) Thyroid gland of pig, sec. showing glandular epithelium and colloid 10(d) Adrenal gland of cat, t.s. through cortex and medulla 11(d) Sperm of bull (spermatozoa), smear 12(e) Motor nerve cells, smear from spinal cord of cow showing w.m. of motor nerve cells and their processes 13(f) Cerebrum, human, t.s. of cortex showing pyramidal cells and fibrous region 14(d) Human skin from palm, v.s. showing cornified epidermis, germinative zone, sweat glands.

Zoology: 15(f) Distomum hepaticum (Fasciola), the beef liver fluke, w.m. and stained for general study of internal organs 16(f) Taenia spec., tapeworm, w.m. of mature proglottids 17(e) Culex pipiens, mosquito, head and piercing-sucking mouth parts of female, w.m. 18(e) Culex pipiens, mosquito, head and reduced mouth parts of male, w.m.19(f) Cimex lectularius, bed bug, w.m. of adult specimen.

Cytology and Genetics: 20(f) Mitochondria, in thin sec. through liver or kidney, special staining technique 21(g) Golgi apparatus, t.s. through spinal ganglion, special staining technique 22(d) Chloroplasts, in leaf of Elodea or Mnium, special stained 23(c) Aleurone grains, in sec. of Ricinus endosperm 24(f) Storage, section of liver or kidney, vital stained with trypan-blue to demonstrate storage in epithelial cells 25(g) DNA in cell nuclei, demonstrated by Feulgen staining technique 26(g) DNA and RNA, fixed and stained with methyl green and pyronine to show DNA and RNA in different colours 27(f) Giant chromosomes from the salivary gland of Chironomus. Individual genes and puffs can be observed 28(h) Human chromosomes, spread in the stage of metaphase, for counting chromosomes 29(f) Meiotic and mitotic stages in sec. of crayfish testis. Nuclear spindles are present 30(f) Maturation divisions in ova of Ascaris megalocephala, different stages, iron-hematoxylin stained 31(f) Cleavage stages in ova of Ascaris megalocephala, iron-hematoxylin stained.

Bacteria and Diseased Organs of Man: 33(d) Escherichia coli, bacteria from colon, probably pathogenic, smear Gram stained 34(d) Eberthella typhi,causing typhoid fever, smear from culture, Gram stained 35(e)Tuberculous lung, t.s. of diseased human lung showing miliary tubercles in tissue 36(e) Coal dust lung (Anthracosis pulmonum), t.s. of human smoker’s lung 37(e) Liver cirrhosis of man caused by alcohol abuse, t.s. showing degeneration of liver cells 38(e) Arteriosclerosis, t.s. of diseased human coronary artery showing sclerotic changes in thearterial wall 39(e) Metastatic carcinoma (cancer) of human liver, t.s.

Embryology: 40(e) Seaurchin development (Psammechinus miliaris), composite slide with two cell, four cell and eight cell stages 41(e) Sea-urchin development (Psammechinus miliaris), composite slide with morula, blastula and gastrula stages 42(f) Frog embryology (Rana spec.), sec. trough the blastula stage showing the blastocoel 43(f) Frog embryology (Rana spec.), sag. sec. through young larva in the tail bud stage, with primordia of organs.

Ecology and Environment: 44(e) Leaf (needle) of fir (Abies), two t.s. of leaves, healthy and damaged by environmental influences (acid rain) 45(e) Leaf of beech (Fagus), two t.s. of leaves, healthy and damaged by environmental influences (acid rain) 45(d) Bacteria from waste-water, smear with many typical forms.

Botany: 46(c) Nostoc, blue green alga, filamentous colonies within gelatinous sheaths 47(e) Desmids (Desmidiaceae), strewn slide of various species 48(c) Sphagnum, peat moss, w.m. of leaf showing chlorophyll-bearing and hyaline cells. 49(c) Triticum, wheat, t.s. of stem of a gramineous plant with central pith and circular arrangement of bundles 50(c) Salvia, sage, t.s. of a square stem with angular collenchyma.
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