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Restart a Heart Day 2022: Learn the 3 simple steps to save a life!

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Like how people know how to apply simple First Aid measures when needed, delivering CPR and resuscitation is an essential skill every household member should possess. Restart a Heart Day is observed on October 16th every year to bring light to this critical topic.
Out-of-hospital cardiac arrests are sudden and often without any prior symptoms. Therefore, it is paramount that the bystanders know when and how to deliver effective CPR to save lives before it's too late.
This Restart a Heart Day, learn and share these simple steps that can save a life:

  1. Check - Check for a response, a pulse, and breathing.
  2. Call – Call the emergency services or ask someone nearby to do so
  3. Compress – Start compressions at least 2 inches deep at the rate of 100 compressions per minute. Repeat until help arrives or the person starts to breathe.
Although, there are a lot of online resources and YouTube videos that demonstrate the CPR procedure, the best practice entails practical CPR training as an obligatory part of the educational curriculum at schools or universities. This type of training can be given using training manikins such as BASICBilly+. This 3B Scientific manikin is lightweight and easy to use – making it perfect for training in schools and universities. Providing the much-needed realistic hands-on experience and direct feedback to the trainee's attempts at compressions, it helps them to precisely learn delivering effective CPR. 

Share, learn and teach
This World Restart a Heart Day, lets commit to sharing resources -  spread awareness on your social media handles using #WorldRestartAHeartDay and share valuable resources and information about this day , commit to learning to perform a successful CPR and teach people around us the importance of being a bystander that knows how to make a difference.