Resistance Bridge

Resistance Bridge, 1009885 [U8551002], Circuits
Resistance Bridge, 1009885 [U8551002], Circuits
$ 233.00
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Resistance Bridge used to measure resistances in bridge circuits and investigate voltage drops across wires. The device is only suitable for low voltages.
It consists of a rail with a scale mounted at two points and a resistance wire stretched between two connecting sockets. A sliding contact on the resistance wire is used to set the resistance of the resultant two wire sections. A Wheatstone bridge circuit is configured to determine unknown resistances.
Dimensions: approx. 1300x100x90 mm³
Rail: approx. 30x30 mm²
Scale: 0 – 1000 mm
Scale divisions: mm
Resistance wire: 1 m, 0.5 mm dia.
Material: NiCr
Resistance: 5.3 Ω
Connection: 4 mm safety jacks
Maximum permissible voltage: 8 V
Maximum permissible current: 1.5 A
Item No.: 1009885 [U8551002]
Weight 2.40 lb
Brand 3B Scientific
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