Replacement Insert dark for P95D (5-pack)

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Set of 5 silicone inserts for the Episiotomy and Suturing Simulator P95. Each cut can be sutured several times. Muscle and skin layers can be sutured separately. Suturing the following birth injuries can be practiced:

• Episiotomy, for example:

          - Median episiotomy
          - Mediolateral episiotomy
          - Lateral episiotomy

• Vaginal tears
• Labial tears

Additionally, the following muscle structures can be palpated and sutured:

• M. sphincter ani externus (outer anal sphincter muscle)
• M. transversus perinei superficialis (superficial transverse perineal muscle)
• M. bulbospongiosus (bulbospongiosus muscle)


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Item No.: 1024254 [XP95D-002]
Weight 4.06 lb
Brand 3B Scientific
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