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REALITi 360 Patient Monitor App – Build V9 release: new features and a COVID-19 scenario

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The iSimulate team has just announced the release of the V9 Build of the REALITi360 patient monitor simulator. With the update, users now have the following new features available:
  • Critical Care Waveforms - CVP, ICP and PAP
  • Multiple ECGs are now 12 leads
  • Classification of imported media on Control with options: General, Ultrasound, Laryngoscopy, Bronchoscopy, Radiography
  • COVID 19 scenario
When media is chosen to be shown on the monitor, depending on the category chosen on Control, the media will now be displayed inside a simulated device (i.e. Laryngoscopy images now show inside a Karl Storz CMAC device). Whether or not static HR tones or saturation tones are played is now also configurable per device.


All of the above feature updates and scenarios aim at an even more realistic patient monitor simulation.

Dr. Anthony Lewis is the co-founder of iSimulate and an anaesthetist who has been involved in medical education for over a decade. Apart from working as an anaesthetist in hospitals, he continues to create and run medical education scenarios for the iSimulate customers. While helping to prepare the hospital for the COVID-19 cases in Australia, he developed a simulation scenario for REALITi 360 customers to train for the emergency.

The following list shows the additional updates, features and bug fixes that come with the V9 Build, you can also view the V9 Release PDF here.
  • Additional New Features:
    • The waveform preview will now show trends
    • The critical care waveforms now show on a separate graph in the PDF report
    • The Schiller Defigard Auto-Screenshot has been added as a setting
    • 12 leads have been added for Atrial Tachycardia and Atrial Flutters
    • Significant improvements to 12 lead ECGs across the board
    • 3rd Degree Heart Block 12 lead ECG
    • A custom UI for displaying the critical care waveforms has been added to the GE CareScape
    • The QRS volume function has been added to Corpuls3
    • Scale options for arterial lines and CVP have been added to the GE CareScape
    • Scenario details are now sent to the Chart as documents when the scenario starts
    • The CPR game is available
    Updates and Improvements:
    • Scenario downloads from Community now shows a progress indicator
    • Camera now shows the correct ECG rhythm on review
    • There have been improvements made to the Scenario Overview. When the scenario is running, the Scenario Overview will be in read-only mode, and cannot be edited until the scenario is stopped
    • The print button behaviour on the Zoll X-Series has been changed to match the workflow of other devices
    • The GE CareScape now always shows the PR next to SpO2
    • The 'Print Review' button has been changed to take the user to the 'TMS'
    • The Zoll R-Series now remembers the last rotary knob position
    • The PDF report will now only show BP measurements on the graph when NIBP was taken or the arterial line was inserted
    • Lab results outside of the ordinary range now display in red
    • The Control has new illustrations for the electrode placement UI and previously untranslatable parts of the device (such as curved text) are now translatable
    • Additional translation improvements have been made
    • The US English translations have been added
    • The choice to dismiss the tutorial forever can now be undone in the Settings
    • RR and EtCO2 can now be displayed separately (previously, RR could only be displayed when EtCO2 was visible)
    • Login details for Community are now remembered after having been entered once
    • Users will now be prompted for additional detail when logging Instabugs
    • Waveforms colours can now be configured in ALSi 6
    • There have been improvements to the REALITi logo and other visual details throughout
    • A close button has been added to the top right hand side of the lab results modal as an alternative to swipe dismissal
    • The metronome now stays on permanently when starting the Corpuls3 directly into AED mode (previously only sounded for a few moments)
    • Sinus inverted P Wave
    • Default pacer threshold is now part of the scenario file format and can be set in Scenario Overview
    • Remove See-Thru CPR from ALSi 6 Parameter Settings
    • Improvements to all audio playback throughout entire system (Control and Monitor)
    • The illustrations of the Swan Ganz progression through the heart chambers has been updated in Control
    Bug Fixes:
    • The IPI feature of the Capnostream35 has been fixed so the trend will no longer be drawn outside the bounds of the display in some instances
    • A bug that would cause the mini control values on GE CareScape to trend from -150 has been fixed
    • A bug that would cause some downloads from Community to fail has been fixed
    • A bug that caused the AED prompts in the Zoll X Series to continue playing after it had been powered off has been fixed
    • A bug that would cause the Community to crash when downloading a scenario in REALITi has been fixed
    • A bug that would cause the HR to not show properly in certain circumstances has been fixed
    • A bug that caused the Welch Allyn vital signs monitor not to display the correct HR has been fixed
    • A bug affecting starting the Corpuls3 directly into AED mode has been fixed
    • A bug that affected the ventilator when switching to and from other devices has been fixed
    • A bug that would cause the Zoll R-Series buttons to stay gray after being pushed has been fixed
    • A bug that would allow the 'Ventilate' voice prompt to play even when the Control had muted sounds has been fixed
Get the V9 Build for your REALITi 360 Patient Monitor Simulator in your App Store.