Pulse Training System (PTS)

Pulse Training System (PTS), 1021984, Auscultation
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The Pulse-Training System (PTS) is a self-teaching program designed to introduce students to the theory and manual practice of arterial pulse palpation. Palpation is often the first assessment procedure a patient encounters, and proper method requires both knowledge and skill. The Pulse-Training System teaches both, it introduces medical, nursing and paramedical students and personnel to the theory and manual practice necessary for palpation of the arterial pulse.
Product features:
  • Full range of arterial pulses – single and bimanual
  • Visualization of pulse waveform while palpating the pulse
  • Two palpators for bimanual palpation of the arterial pulse 
Delivery content:
  • Individual student text workbooks
  • Graphics and pulse commands
  • 2 pulse palpators
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