Postural Analysis Grid Chart Space Saver 2 x 6.5 ft

Postural Analysis Grid Chart Space Saver 2 x 6.5 ft, W41170SS, Body Composition and Measurement
$ 100.00
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Postural Analysis Grid Chart

A Postural Analysis Chart is an easy solution for visually documenting your client’s progress. By establishing a beginning baseline, performing a thorough assessment and developing a comprehensive treatment plan. Visually demonstrating a patient’s progress helps you retain clients, get repeat business, and earn more money from insurance companies. Designed for the structurally based medical therapist. Perform fast accurate postural analysis Document posture before and after treatments Quickly determine a treatment plan based on your objective findings Two practical and convenient sizes

Chart Includes:
Instructions for proper positioning of clients
Checklist to ensure postural analysis is performed correctly
Lamination for durability and longevity
Quick and easy setup Plum line sold separately

Item No.: W41170SS
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Product Information
Weight 3 lb
Brand Kent Health Systems
MPN: 00402
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