Pediatric Option for BASIC Billy+

Pediatric Option for BASIC Billy+, 1024015 [XP72+-004], Options
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This set of 5 pediatric lung bag and pressure spring will allow you to effectively train CPR on your BLS Manikin BASICBilly+ The lung bags are equipped with a fixation system for the ventilation sensor of the BASICBilly+ Updrade-kit.

Delivery Content :
  • 5 pediatric lung bag
  • 1 pressure spring
Installation: You are required to have a BASIC Billy+ manikin in order to install the Pediatric Option 
1.      Take off the manikin's skin, and manikin’s cover.
2.      Replace the current spring & lung bag with the green pediatric spring & pediatric lung bag. 
5.      Assemble chest frame back to the manikin.
7.      Now the BASICBilly+ can be used as a pediatric BASICBilly+ !
Item No.: 1024015 [XP72+-004]
Weight 0.40 lb
Brand 3B Scientific
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