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NEW 3B Scientific Blood powder: realistic texture – easy to store and mix

3B Scientific GmbH

To depict the gravity of the medical situation to your students, simulations showing childbirth, injuries, or any other physical trauma require blood that looks and feels natural. Artificial blood also helps students get accustomed to the sight and feel of blood when managing high-pressure scenarios involving bleeding. Therefore, artificial blood plays a significant role in effective simulation. 3B Scientific strives to create simulators that provide a training experience closest to reality. We focus on every detail of realistic medical simulation to enable instructors and trainers worldwide to offer a holistic learning experience in their courses.

What is Blood Powder and how does it work?

The new 3B Scientific Blood Powder is a water-soluble powder enabling you to create artificial blood of real consistency and feel. Simply by following the instructions to mix the blood powder and water at the right ratio, you can create artificial blood that adds to the realism of your medical simulation training.

The new 3B Scientific Blood Powder is now available on our website, click here for more details.