MS322 Muscle Stimulator Single Ch. Low Volt AC

MS322 Muscle Stimulator Single Ch. Low Volt AC, W50521, Electrotherapy Machines
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The Amrex MS322 Low Volt AC Muscle Stimulator combines proven reliability and ac power in a compact, low volt ac muscle stimulator. The MS322 is a single channel, two pad, low voltage electrical muscle stimulator that produces pulsation, tetanize, and surge output.


Amrex MS322 Features:

• Single channel, 2 pad stimulator

• Adjustable pulsation and surge rates

• Surge mode ramped

• Tetanize mode

• Intensity reset circuit

• 20 minute timer

• Combination therapy capability

• Two Year Warranty - Generator - Parts and labor

• UL Listed Output Voltage 110V peak into 1k Ohm load 28V peak into 100 Ohm load

Output Intensity 56µC maximum charge per pulse into 100 Ohm load

Pulse Width 200 µs at 50% V maximum

Frequency Rage 1 to 80 pulses per s

Surge & Reciprocal Duration adjustable 3.75s on/off to 0.375s on/off


Important Notice: Prescription required
This item can be ordered by a licensed healthcare professional or with a doctor’s prescription. Prescriptions can be faxed to (866)992-1514. If a prescription is not faxed at time of order you will be contacted within 24 hours by our sales team.
Item No.: W50521
Weight 3 lb
Dimensions 7 x 7.6 x 4.6 in
Brand Amrex
MPN: 01-MS322
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