Medical-Surgical Scenarios Capital License

Medical-Surgical Scenarios Capital License, 3010682, Surgery
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The Simulation in Nursing Education – Medical-Surgical Scenarios is a set of 20 scenarios that are built on the original Simulation in Nursing Education scenarios. The scenarios are designed for nursing students in all types of pre-licensure nursing programs. In addition, the scenarios are also useful for other learners and contexts, such as new graduate orientation programs.

The scenario set consists of 10 medical and 10 surgical scenarios. Of these, ten scenarios reflect learning in basic assessments, safety and infection control, prevention of complications, and communication skills. The other 10 expand upon the basic scenarios using the same patient history, but require recognition and management of complications, advanced team collaboration, and communication.

Blended Learning with Scenarios and vSim® for Nursing
The scenarios can be used alone or together with vSim® for Nursing Medical-Surgical (purchased separately). Used together the products form a blended learning program that includes scenarios for human patient simulators, virtual simulations and online curriculum materials such as reading assignments, pre- and post-simulation quizzes, documentation assignments, and guided reflection questions.
Item No.: 3010682
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