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iSimulate to Release Remote Control Module to Enable Distance-Based Simulation

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Albany, NY, USA

Today, iSimulate announced the release of a new REALITi 360 Module: Remote Control will be available as an optional upgrade for all REALITi 360 Patient Monitor Simulators. It is part of the V10 Product Release. Remote Control will allow clinical educators around the globe to run medical simulations at different training sites and enable true distance learning for the healthcare community.

The Remote Control Module will have a strong impact on educators’ possibilities of providing high-fidelity simulation training while travel restrictions are still in place and many people continue to work from home as much as possible. Looking at the long term, Remote Control will simplify the lives of healthcare educators and trainees living outside of metropolitan areas or in different countries, greatly enlarging the opportunity to run more high-fidelity simulations across distance under the concept of Remote-Controlled Distance Simulation (RCDS).

“Remote Control is the ideal solution to solving the challenge of not physically being in the same room, building or pre-hospital educational site while running simulations. The operator can now be located anywhere in the world – there is no limitation to the distance from the training site”, says Bobby Syed, Chief Operating Officer of iSimulate.

Remote Control is easy-to-use with an intuitive set up. All it takes is a stable internet connection both at the control as well as at the trainee facility to connect the systems with an online-room code. The module works with the hardware already provided as part of the REALITi 360 Simulation Systems.

Special offers available during June

During the month of June, special offers are available to current and new customers. Please contact iSimulate for additional information and to find out more about how you can receive this module as part of a system upgrade.

Additional new features of the coming V10 REALITi 360 Product Release include:
  • New Premium Screen to simulate the ZOLL EMV+® Critical Care Ventilator
  • Easy switch between slider and spinner controls in REALITi 360
  • New ability to manually send a 12 lead print out directly from Control

Please note that the final release of the V10 Build is expected in the next two weeks.

Are you already using REALITi? Please contact us for additional information on the new optional features, and learn how to upgrade or how some of these new options might be available to you at no additional charge.
Are you still considering converting your ALSi system to REALITi, or adding modules to your current REALITi system?  Please contact us to discuss the offers we have available through the end of June.

Please look at the PDF below to see all new features, improvements and bug fixes of the coming V10 Build:

V10_Build_of_REALITi360_by_iSimulate.pdf (PDF)