Human Pathology - German Slides

Human Pathology - German Slides, 1004094 [W13311], German
Human Pathology - German Slides, 1004094 [W13311], German
Human Pathology - German Slides, 1004094 [W13311], German
Human Pathology - German Slides, 1004094 [W13311], German
Human Pathology - German Slides, 1004094 [W13311], German
Human Pathology - German Slides, 1004094 [W13311], German
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1(e). Parenchymatous and fatty degeneration of liver 2(e). Hemosiderosis of liver 3(e). Glycogenosis of liver 4(e). Pigmentary cirrhosis of liver 5(e). Necrotic esophagitis 6(e). Foreign body granuloma with hemosiderin and giant cells 7(e). Tonsillitis 8(e). Liver cirrhosis Injury of circulatory organs and blood-forming organs 9(e). Adiposis of heart 10(e). Cardiac callosity 11(e). Myocarditis chronica acute recidivans 12(e). Organized venous thrombosis of muscle 13(e). Infarct of spleen 14(e). Chronic myeloid leukemia of spleen 15(g). Malarial melanemia of spleen Pathologic alterations of lung and liver, tuberculosis, pneumonia 16(e). Anthracosis of lung 17(e). Hemorrhagic infarct of lung 18(e). Influenzal pneumonia 19(e). Croupous pneumonia 20(e). Chronic pneumonia 21(e). Necrotic (cheesy) pneumonia 22(e). Miliary tuberculosis of lung 23(e). Chronic tuberculous pulmonary cavity with bacteria 24(e). Icterus hepatis Reaction of kidney after arteriosclerosis, disturbance of metabolism, and inflammation; colitis 25(e). Glomerular atrophy of kidney 26(e). Amyloid degeneration of kidney 27(e). Acute hemorrhagic nephritis 28(e). Chronic glomerulonephritis 29(e). Septic embolic nephritis 30(e). Colitis dysenterica Shiga-Kruse Specific inflammations after infection with syphilis spirochaetes 31(g). Congenital syphilis of liver, spirochaetes silvered after Levaditi 32(f). Congenital syphilis of liver (feuerstein liver), routine stained 33(f). Gumma of testicle Progressive alteration of injured tissues and organs (Hypertrophy and hyperplasia) 34(e). Atheroma of head 35(e). Struma colloides 36(f). Undescended testicle showing hyperplasia of Leydig’s cells 37(e). Hypertrophy of prostate Benignant and malignant tumors 38(f). Giant cell sarcoma of maxilla 39(e). Chondroma of pubic bone 40(e). Myoma of uterus 41(e). Fibroadenoma of breast 42(e). Fibroepithelial mixed tumor of parotid gland 43(e). Melanosarcoma of skin 44(e). Spindle cell sarcoma 45(e). Carcinoma cervicis uteri 46(e). Sarcoma of testicle 47(e). Cystadenoma papilliferum of ovary 48(e). Gelatinous carcinoma of rectum 49(e). Lymphosarcoma mediastini 50(e). Metastatic carcinoma of liver.
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