Hofmann's Voltameter, Small

Hofmann's Voltameter, Small, 1003507 [U58010], Electrochemistry
Hofmann's Voltameter, Small, 1003507 [U58010], Electrochemistry
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Hofmann’s voltameter is used for determining the chemical composition of water by volume. The apparatus consists of three vertical glass tubes connected to each other at the bottom. Taps at the top ends of the outside tubes are closed whilst the inner cylinder is open at the top to allow the addition of water via a reservoir. Gold foil electrodes are fitted to the lower ends of the outside tubes and connected to a low voltage DC power supply unit. The proportion of hydrogen and oxygen produced by electrolysis from the water can be read from the raduations on the side tubes.
By opening the taps at the top of the tubes, gases can be collected for analysis. Carbon electrodes are also available for analysis of solutions where gold is unsuitable

Dimensions: approx. 580 x 150 mm²
Stand base, A-shaped: 115 mm leg length
Operating voltage: 4-12 V DC


$ 394.00
Item No.: 1003507 [U58010]
Weight 1.74 lb
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