Apple Pie Food Replica

Apple Pie Food Replica, 3004441 [W44750AP], Food Replicas
$ 56.95

Food Replicas:

Product in American Cheese Product in Apple Pie Product in Broccoli Product in Hard Boiled Egg Product in Baked Potato Product in Chicken Breast Product in Chicken Drumstick Product in Chicken Thigh Product in Bacon Product in Fried Egg Product in Hamburger Patty Product in Hamburger Bun Product in Macaroni Product in Pizza Slice Product in Peanut Butter Product in Peanut Butter on Bread Product in Spaghetti and Meatballs Product in Side Salad
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Life/form® replicas make perfect substitutes to demonstrate perishable real foods! Realistic replicas molded from actual foods.

Great for use in demonstrations of:
• Nutritive values of food portions
• Calorie values and weight control
• Principles of menu planning
• Identification of foods
• Identifying appropriate sizes of food portions

No grocery shopping or preparation time needed. Use like real food – apply sauces, dressings, etc., and then clean up with soap and warm water. Always store in plastic bags when not in use. Avoid contact between replicas and printed materials, wood finishes, and extreme heat.
Item No.: 3004441 [W44750AP]
Brand Life/form
MPN: W07375U
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