Fine Beam Tube on Connection Base R

Fine Beam Tube on Connection Base R, 1024633, Electron Tubes D
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Experiment Topics:
  • Deflection of electrons in a closed circular path inside a magnetic field.
  • Determination of specific charge of an electron e/m.

For examining the deflection of electron beams in a uniform magnetic field using a pair of Helmholtz coils (1000906) and for the quantitative determination of the specific charge of the electron e/m. Glass vessel with integrated electron beam system, consisting of an indirectly heated oxide cathode, a Wehnelt cylinder and a perforated anode, in neon residual gas atmosphere with precisely set gas pressure and with integrated measurement marks for parallax-free determination of the diameter of the fine beam. Gas atoms are ionized along the electron path and produce a sharply defined, visible fluorescent beam. Tube mounted on base with colour coded connectors.
Gas filling: Neon
Gas pressure: 1.3x10-5 hPa
Filament voltage: 5 – 7 V DC
Filament current: < 350 mA
Wehnelt voltage: 0 – -50 V
Anode voltage: 200 – 300 V
Anode current: < 3 mA
Circular path diameter: 20 – 120 mm
Division spacing: approx. 20 mm
Tube diameter: approx. 160 mm
Dimensions connection base: Ø approx. 103 mm; height: 78 mm
Weight: approx. 820 g


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