Fatal Vision ® Alcohol Program Kit

Fatal Vision ® Alcohol Program Kit, 3007628 [W33200-1], Drug and Alcohol Education
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Fatal Vision Goggle Variations:

TVL® Program Kit
< .05 BAC - Day Time
< .05 BAC - Night Time
.07 - .10 BAC -Day Time
.07 - .10 BAC -Night Time
.12 - .15 BAC Day Time
.12 - .15 BAC Night Time
.17 - .20 BAC - Day Time
.17 - .20 BAC - Night Time
> .25 BAC - Day Time
> .25 BAC - Night Time
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Use these tools to simulate alcohol impairment at five (5) distinct BAC levels and deliver a memorable experience about alcohol misuse and abuse.

Modeled Impairments
Impaired balance, vision, reaction time, and judgment   

It can be challenging to gauge how impaired you are when under the influence of alcohol. The Fatal Vision Alcohol Impairment Simulation Goggles delivers an eye-opening experience showing sober people the consequences of driving after drinking.  
Driving a vehicle, making split-second decisions, and reacting to hazardous situations become much more difficult under the influence of alcohol. The Fatal Vision Goggles give participants a safe way to learn the vital lesson that alcohol dramatically impairs a persons balance, vision, reaction time, and judgment  

How It Works
The Fatal Vision Alcohol Goggles deliver memorable experience on impaired driving, underage drinking, and other substance abuse issues. Participants perform simple activities or sobriety tests without and then with the goggles. Performing the activities twice lets participants experience their performance while unimpaired and then impaired. The goggles cause a person to display behaviors typical of individuals under the influence of alcohol at various blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels  

Fatal Vision is available in five (5) levels that simulate the impairments associated with a particular BAC – from less than .06 to .25+ BAC. Alcohol goggles come in either a clear lens to simulate daylight conditions or a shaded lens to simulate night conditions. 

  • Designed to help you demonstrate the dangers of impaired driving and underage drinking 
  • Five (5) distinct simulated impairment levels available to support specific lessons and activities 
  • The program support materials provide step-by-step instruction on how to deliver your evidence-based program 
  • Goggles developed working with law enforcement professionals
Item No.: 3007628 [W33200-1]
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