EZ Elbow™ Armband - Pro Arm Therapy Kit

EZ Elbow™ Armband - Pro Arm Therapy Kit, 1019483, Hand Exercisers
$ 72.50
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EZ Elbow™ arm therapy kit includes 1 each: EZ Elbow™ arm band, spike plate, re-usable cold pack, re-usable hot pack, The Xtensor exerciser. Compression wrap for elbow may be used alone or in conjunction with the treatment protocol.
The EZ Elbow™ system has a handy pocket for re-usable hot pack, re-usable cold pack or spike plates. These small accessories and the unit fit in a convenient case. Spike plates can also be worn in hand to apply massage.
Weight: 1 lbs
Item No.: 1019483
Weight 0.00 lb
Brand CanDo
MPN: 50-5560
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