Experiment: Nd:YAG lasers

Experiment: Nd:YAG lasers, 8000696 [UE4070310], Laser
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Objective: Set up and optimise an Nd:YAG laser

In this experiment an Nd:YAG laser with a diode laser pump is to be set up and optimised. Once the diode laser is calibrated for stable optical pumping and the resonator has been optimised, the system can then be used as an Nd:YAG laser. An investigation is to be made of both steady-state and nonsteady- state operation and the lifetime of the top laser energy level 4F3/2 in the Nd:YAG crystal will then be determined.

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Optical bench, 1008642 [U14040], Solid-State Laser Physics

Optical bench

1008642 [U14040]
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$ 604.00
Diode laser 1000 mW, 1009497 [U14022], Solid-State Laser Physics

Diode laser 1000 mW

1009497 [U14022]
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$ 6,459.00
Nd:YAG crystal, 1008635 [U14025], Solid-State Laser Physics

Nd:YAG crystal

1008635 [U14025]
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$ 3,849.00
Collimator lens f = +75 mm, 1008646 [U14044], Solid-State Laser Physics

Collimator lens f = +75 mm

1008646 [U14044]
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$ 877.00
Laser mirror PR@1064 nm, 1008638 [U14028], Solid-State Laser Physics

Laser mirror PR@1064 nm

1008638 [U14028]
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$ 2,061.00
PIN photodiode, 1008640 [U14038], Solid-State Laser Physics

PIN photodiode

1008640 [U14038]
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$ 1,196.00
Filter RG850, 1008648 [U14046], Solid-State Laser Physics

Filter RG850

1008648 [U14046]
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$ 658.00
Alignment laser diode (633 nm, 1 mW), 1008634 [U14024], Solid-State Laser Physics

Alignment laser diode (633 nm, 1 mW)

1008634 [U14024]
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$ 1,047.00
Padded transport case, 1008651 [U14049], Solid-State Laser Physics

Padded transport case

1008651 [U14049]
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$ 654.00
Laser Safety Goggles for Nd:YAG Laser, 1002866 [U14085], Solid-State Laser Physics

Laser Safety Goggles for Nd:YAG Laser

1002866 [U14085]
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$ 463.00
Digital Multimeter P3340, 1002785 [U118091], Hand-held Digital Measuring Instruments

Digital Multimeter P3340

1002785 [U118091]
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$ 76.00
Digital Oscilloscope 2x100 MHz, 1020911 [U11835], Oscilloscopes

Digital Oscilloscope 2x100 MHz

1020911 [U11835]
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$ 1,102.00
HF Patch Cord, BNC/4 mm Plug, 1002748 [U11257], Experiment Leads and Cables

HF Patch Cord, BNC/4 mm Plug

1002748 [U11257]
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$ 61.00
HF Patch Cord, 1m, 1002746 [U11255], Experiment Leads and Cables

HF Patch Cord, 1m

1002746 [U11255]
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$ 30.00
Infra-Red Detector Card, 1017879 [U10530], Solid-State Laser Physics

Infra-Red Detector Card

1017879 [U10530]
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$ 353.00
Item No.: 8000696 [UE4070310]
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