Experiment: Nd:YAG -Laser, Frequency doubling

Experiment: Nd:YAG -Laser, Frequency doubling, 8000698 [UE4070330], Laser
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Objective: Frequency doubling inside the resonator of a Nd:YAG laser

Materials often change their optical properties in strong electromagnetic fields. For instance, it is possible for the frequency of high-intensity laser light passing through such materials to be doubled. In this experiment, a KTP (potassium titanyl phosphate) crystal is used to generate green light with a wavelength of 532 nm from the 1064-nm infra-red radiation output by an Nd-YAG laser by means of frequency doubling. The crystal is suitable in a number of respects, such as its strongly non-linear optical characteristics, and its low absorption of radiation at the original frequency and double the frequency.

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Optical bench, 1008642 [U14040], Solid-State Laser Physics

Optical bench

1008642 [U14040]
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$ 604.00
Diode laser 1000 mW, 1009497 [U14022], Solid-State Laser Physics

Diode laser 1000 mW

1009497 [U14022]
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$ 6,459.00
Nd:YAG crystal, 1008635 [U14025], Solid-State Laser Physics

Nd:YAG crystal

1008635 [U14025]
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$ 3,849.00
Frequency doubling module, 1008636 [U14026], Solid-State Laser Physics

Frequency doubling module

1008636 [U14026]
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$ 5,400.00
Laser mirror HR@1064 nm, 1008639 [U14029], Solid-State Laser Physics

Laser mirror HR@1064 nm

1008639 [U14029]
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$ 2,025.00
PIN photodiode, 1008640 [U14038], Solid-State Laser Physics

PIN photodiode

1008640 [U14038]
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$ 1,196.00
Filter BG40, 1017874 [U140471], Solid-State Laser Physics

Filter BG40

1017874 [U140471]
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$ 675.00
Alignment laser diode (633 nm, 1 mW), 1008634 [U14024], Solid-State Laser Physics

Alignment laser diode (633 nm, 1 mW)

1008634 [U14024]
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$ 1,047.00
Padded transport case, 1008651 [U14049], Solid-State Laser Physics

Padded transport case

1008651 [U14049]
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$ 654.00
Laser Safety Goggles for Nd:YAG Laser, 1002866 [U14085], Solid-State Laser Physics

Laser Safety Goggles for Nd:YAG Laser

1002866 [U14085]
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$ 463.00
Digital Multimeter P3340, 1002785 [U118091], Hand-held Digital Measuring Instruments

Digital Multimeter P3340

1002785 [U118091]
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$ 76.00
HF Patch Cord, BNC/4 mm Plug, 1002748 [U11257], Experiment Leads and Cables

HF Patch Cord, BNC/4 mm Plug

1002748 [U11257]
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$ 61.00
Infra-Red Detector Card, 1017879 [U10530], Solid-State Laser Physics

Infra-Red Detector Card

1017879 [U10530]
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$ 353.00
Item No.: 8000698 [UE4070330]
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