Electric Field Meter (115 V, 50/60 Hz)

Electric Field Meter (115 V, 50/60 Hz), 1021406 [U8557820-115], Electrostatics
Electric Field Meter (115 V, 50/60 Hz), 1021406 [U8557820-115], Electrostatics
$ 2,579.00
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A device for static measurement of electric field strength and voltages. Mounted at a short distance in front of a star-shaped measuring electrode is a modulation impeller, of the same star shape, and connected to ground. The charges infl uenced by the electric field produce an alternating current proportional to the fi eld strength. This current is transformed via a synchronous rectifi er and a low-pass filter into a bipolar direct current, without any energy being removed from the electric field on average over time. The device can be used as a static voltmeter in conjunction with the voltage measuring plate or 250 cm² plate capacitor. The device is protected against overvoltage. A standard DC voltmeter can be used as a display instrument. The built-in FireWire jack allows connection of the VinciLab data logger (P-1021477) or WiLab (P-1022284).

Max. output voltage:              ±6 V
Measurement ranges:           1 V output can correspond to:
                                              1 kV/m, 10 kV/m, 100 kV/m, 1000 kV/m
Dimensions:                          approx.175x105x115 mm³
Weight:                                  approx. 0.7 kg

Experiment Topics:
  • Introductory experiments on the functioning of the apparatus
  • Electrostatic tests
  • Measurement of static electric field strength
  • Capacitor tests
  • Measurements of potential with an electrostatic meter

1 Electric field meter
1 Voltage measurement plate, measuring range 1x
1 capacitor measuring plate, 250 cm2, adjustable plate distance of 0 - 15 mm
1 plug-in power supply unit, 12V AC, 700 mA


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$ 2,579.00
Item No.: 1021406 [U8557820-115]
Weight 5.26 lb
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