Colour Mixing Device

Colour Mixing Device, 1021719 [U218831], Color
$ 535.00
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Device for demonstrating additive mixing of the primary colours red, green and blue (RGB) to produce any colour shade using three LEDs (3W) as light sources. Three controllers allow continuous adjustment of LED intensity. The projection size at a given projection distance can also be continuously adjusted by means of a horizontal slider. In a black hexagonal aluminium housing. Including a threaded stem and a widerange plug-in power supply (12V / 1A).
Stem: 130 mm x 10 mm Ø, with a thread (M4 x 6 mm)
Slider length: Max. 240 mm
Dimensions: Approx. 300x150x150 mm3
Weight: Approx. 780 g


$ 41.00
Item No.: 1021719 [U218831]
Weight 1.76 lb
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