Cathi Catheterization Model

Cathi Catheterization Model, 3017370, Catheterization
Cathi Catheterization Model, 3017370, Catheterization
$ 384.00
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Cathi" is our simulated female catheterization trainer. "Cathi" is specifically designed to fit our reconfigured Remedy Cath Stand and will fit most Laredal Manikins. The tissue is supple and pliable for easy spreading using the thumb and index finger. The labia minora realistically closes over the vaginal and urethral openings. Use to practice locating the urethral meatus and urinary catheter placement. Successful catheterization will be confirmed with urine flashback. The bladder module is used with an IV bag that can be hung or inserted into a pressure infuser bag to provide flashback.  This is available in light or dark skin tone.
Item No.: 3017370
Brand RemedySim
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