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AMEE 2022: Meet us to see our latest simulators

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Meeting industry pioneers in a yearly congress is an excellent way of knowledge sharing and learning about the latest trends in the industry. AMEE is one such leading international convention for medical and healthcare professionals. Currenlty taking place in Lyon (France) , AMEE offers a great platform for teachers, trainers, curriculum developers, researchers, and administrators across the medical education fraternity to gather and discuss the latest developments.
3B Scientific is exhibiting some of its best medical training simulators at AMEE. See us in person and find out which 3B Scientific simulators can help you achieve your training goals. Meanwhile, here is a little peek into the various categories/simulators that will be on display at our booth until 31st August:

  1. Advance Medical training: The recently launched ATLAS ALS Simulator is the right fit for your training labs if you are looking for a comprehensive yet lightweight and mobile training manikin. Integrated with the award-winning simulation system REALITi 360, ATLAS is fully capable of training your students to carry out the ALS algorithm efficiently. You can meet ATLAS – the training manikin, at our booth in AMEE and explore its features live. You can also look at REALITi PRO, which is loaded with the complete simulation system and consists of CPR feedback and video debriefing.
  2. Trauma Control in Arm & Leg: If you are looking for a suitable trainer that can offer a realistic experience of making lifesaving interventions such as hemorrhage control during an assault situation, then 3B scientific innovations such as P102 (Hemorrhage control trainer Arm) & P103 (Hemorrhage control trainer Leg) are the right choice for your training labs. Equipped to train you in different bleeding scenarios, these simulators can teach appropriate control measures with direct feedback. To find out more about its features and functions, visit us at booth no. 31.
  3. Auscultation: 3B Scientific and its sister company Cardionics have developed a diverse range of auscultation simulators to take your auscultation training a notch up. SAM II is one such auscultation simulator, which will be present for viewing at AMEE. Interestingly, this auscultation trainer emulates a human torso. Offering 35 heart sounds, 11 heart-lung combinations, 27 lung sounds, 11 bowel sounds, and 6 bruit sounds to help your students learn different physiological conditions. In addition, you get exciting features such as ECG waveforms and palpable carotid pulse. If you are curious to know more, meet us at AMEE 2022, we are more than happy to answer all your questions.
  4. Obstetrics: Understanding the importance of safe delivery and postpartum interventions, a lot of our thought and effort goes behind creating trainers for those who specialize in obstetrics. Therefore, aimed at teaching effective obstetrics procedures in-depth, our trainers such as P94 (3 birthing stages trainer)P95(Episitomy & suture trainer), and the recently launched P97 PRO ( postpartum hemorrhage control trainer) are here to be a part of your training labs. We highly recommend you don’t miss this opportunity to get your hands on these training simulators and compare their features to find out which trainer would be apt for your classroom.