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Advancing the delivery of Obstetric Healthcare in Irrawaddy Delta, Myanmar

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Hamburg, October 2019

Back in July this year, a message reached us from Dr. Solveig Groß, asking whether 3B Scientific could support her educational efforts in Irrawaddy Delta, Myanmar. Dr. Groß is a gynecologist who has spent several years working together with the Artemed Stiftung in Tutzing, Germany, to provide continuing medical education and hands-on skill training for nurses and midwives.  Maternal and neonatal mortality rates are still high in this remote region of Myanmar and the medical ship “River Doctors”, a project founded by the Artemed Stiftung together with Bogale Hospital, provides medical care to over 320,000 people. The ship itself can almost be imagined like an island because of its medical equipment and internal infrastructure, says Dr. Groß in an interview with the German television show “BR Abendschau”.

For her last training this October 2019, Dr. Groß specifically needed a hands-on obstetric simulator to train 40 midwives, who can directly apply their newly learned skills to help reduce the maternal death rate. The training of midwives in Myanmar is different to the training in Germany, as Myanmar’s method of teaching is more theoretical. It is therefore of highest importance to give midwives the chance to train births and emergencies in the most realistic way.

As it is 3B Scientific’s mission to advance medical and healthcare delivery globally, Dr. Groß’s cause was immediately identified as one to be supported with our P90 Pro Birthing Simulator. Its benefits lie in its realistic maternal anatomy and its thought through, and simple to use mechanisms. P90 Pro functions without electricity and can thus be used in remote regions.

Dr. Solveig Groß has since traveled to Myanmar and conducted her training, and we are thankful that she shared this image with us. We wish her a lot of success and will be happy to keep in touch for her next course.