“Addition of Colors” School Apparatus

“Addition of Colors” School Apparatus, 1012821 [U11060], Color
“Addition of Colors” School Apparatus, 1012821 [U11060], Color
$ 351.00
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Experiment topics:
• The three primary colours.
• Creating colours by additive colour mixing.
• Components of primary colours in mixed colours.
• Colours on a monitor screen.
• Principles of perceiving colours (colour triangle).

Handy desk-top device for investigating additive mixing of the primary colours, red, green and blue (RGB) to make any other colour. Three adjustment mechanisms allow any intensity of each primary colour to be selected so that various components of LED light can be mixed and observed with the help of a frosted glass screen.

Includes 12 V/500 mA plug-in power supply and instruction manual for a colour triangle.
Dimensions: 192x65x120 mm³
Item No.: 1012821 [U11060]
Weight 1.06 lb
Brand 3B Scientific
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