ACLS Training Package

ACLS Training Package, 3018052, ALS Adult
ACLS Training Package, 3018052, ALS Adult
ACLS Training Package, 3018052, ALS Adult
ACLS Training Package, 3018052, ALS Adult
ACLS Training Package, 3018052, ALS Adult
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The Full ACLS Package is your solution to help your courses run smoother! We have combined all of the items needed to facilitate skills checks to full 2-day courses. The ACLS full package includes the Atlas, life-sized ALS manikin, REALITi 360, which is wirelessly integrated with Atlas, the VT Select TM BVM - manual resuscitator, and simulation medication.
Included in the package:
Atlas is a life-size ALS manikin from 3B Scientific. It features an intubation head, a CPR-capable chest, IV/IO arms, and foam legs. The airway is anatomically realistic including tongue, nasopharynx, oropharynx, uvula, epiglottis, vallecula, vocal cords, esophagus, trachea, thyroid cartilages, and lung. You can perform both oral and nasal intubation using basic and advanced airway management devices. The unique design of the ribcage allows realistic compression movements during CPR.
Atlas is wireless and integrated with REALITi 360. Real-time CPR feedback (both compression and ventilation values) goes directly into REALITi and the pulse is controlled by the REALITi settings on the controller. The combination of these two products offers a complete solution for AHA/ERC compliant ALS training. 

For more product information, see the Atlas product page.
The VT Select™ BVM is a manual resuscitator with a tactile feedback system. It is recommended by the AHA to deliver 10 BPM of 500-600mL to a standard adult. When activated, the valve restricts the refill of the bag to ~4 seconds. This provides your patient ~10 BPM, helping to eliminate hyperventilation of the patient. When the valve is activated, press your thumb and three fingers simultaneously together utilizing the finger ridges to deliver approximately 500-600mL to the patient. Additionally, the BVM is smaller (1200mL) than most adult bags on the market. This helps to reduce the risk of hyperinflation or barotrauma. The VT Select™ can be supplied with an optional PEEP valve, Filter, and dial manometer.
REALITi Go is the successor system to the famous ALSi Patient Condition Simulator for paramedic and HEMS training in Advanced Life Support. The simulated patient monitor REALITi Go gives instructors a great tool for training and students an incredibly realistic platform to learn from, built off technology you use every day.
REALITi Go is the new entry point to the REALITi 360 simulation ecosystem with a simulated Monitor, Defibrillator, AED and Ventilator included, it’s a complete system in a small package.
And it’s future proof: Want to add on proprietary screens, video recording and chart later? It’s ready to Go.
For more product information, see the REALITi Go product page.

Simulation Medication - Practice Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support scenarios with simulated medications. These pre-filled syringes are compatible with ACLS training.

Did you know the American Red Cross has ACLS and PALS certification courses that allow flexibility and customization? You can download the ARC ACLS and PALS scenarios for use with REALITi for free on the iSimulate community.

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Atlas the ALS Simulator, Dark Skin, 1024113 [P75D], ALS Adult

Atlas the ALS Simulator, Dark Skin

1024113 [P75D]
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VT Select™ BVM, 3017991, TCCC Training Manikins

VT Select™ BVM

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Practi-Crash Code 9-Packs, 1024761, Practi-Bundles and Value Packs

Practi-Crash Code 9-Packs

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