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3B SMART ANATOMY conquers Lithuania!

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3B SMART ANATOMY conquers Lithuania!

After the successful launch of 3B SMART ANATOMY, students and professors of human anatomy will now benefit from it in Lithuania. Michael, our Head of Sales at 3B Scientific, visited customers in Vilnius/Lithuania to demo the new 3B SMART ANATOMY models. Everyone testing it was impressed with its features and ease of use.

All 3B Scientific anatomical models are now 3B SMART ANATOMY models. Customers receive an exclusive high-tech label that enables access to a free warranty upgrade from 3 to 5 years as well access to 3B SMART ANATOMY via the award-winning Complete Anatomy platform. This access unlocks 23 SMART ANATOMY courses, 117 interactive virtual anatomy models and 39 quizzes instantly. Let the virtual learning of human anatomy begin!

Further information about 3B SMART ANATOMY can be found here: https://www.3bscientific.com/new-3b-smart-anatomy,3bsa.html