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The unpredictable situations of varying degrees at the maternity ward require a confident and knowledgeable team of professionals to match the speed of quickly evolving scenarios. So the main question remains how we can strengthen the confidence of those nurses, midwives, and doctors at the helm of this challenging environment trying to cater to the patient's needs right through it all - before, during, and after birth? The answer is simple - realistic training to gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in attending to complications.
Today, many manikins and specialized trainers are available to solidify the obstetrics training process. The constant competition with time requires obstetric professionals to develop a knack for instant responses. For this, simulation-based training plays a pivotal role. Here is a quick breakdown of 3B Scientific simulators from the obstetrics category that, at every stage, provides comprehensive training to your trainees: 
3B Birthing stages trainer: Let's start with the basics – teach trainees about the different stages of birthing; your students in midwifery and obstetrics can significantly benefit from the 3B Birthing process 5 stages trainer, and the 3B Birthing stages trainer. Help your students understand all aspects of the slow to fast progression of labor in women during childbirth.  
CTGi: Make students skilled in monitoring the fetal heart rate and analyzing the baby's health using the heart rate monitor. CTGi by iSimulate is a fetal heart rate monitor simulator that helps them understand sounds of varying scenarios by adding decelerations, accelerations, or contractions.
P90 Birthing simulator: Allowing your students to take a deep dive into the natural birth process, help your students learn to assess and manipulate fetal positions. Along with this, it also helps them understand A to Z of what they are to encounter during a natural birth by their patients from fundamental skills such as normal delivery, delivery of the placenta, diagnosis of abnormal fetal positions, and including delivery complications such as placenta previa, tackling breech positions or even shoulder dystocia. Take a look at the detailed description of the product here.
P97 Pro PPH trainer: Postpartum intervention due to arising complications accounts for a large number of emergency cases in a maternity ward. Therefore, offer your students thorough knowledge and the essential expertise to identify the cause and site of sudden bleeding in new mothers and the appropriate treatments to help stop the bleeding using the P97 Pro PPH trainer.
SIMone™Want to demonstrate high-stress situations during a natural birth? Then SIMone™ is the right choice for you. This award-winning birthing simulator is a model of a female abdomen with a vulva and the spina ischiadica as landmarks. The simulator also consists of a fetal head to help identify the head's position and approach during delivery. Give your students an all-around experience of how to handle the natural delivery process. 
P90 Pro: Further expanding your choices, we also have a birthing simulator P90 PRO. This affordable and straightforward trainer offers training in normal deliveries, complicated deliveries, and other obstetrics emergencies. Teach your students various skills and techniques for safe and successful childbirth procedures. 
Episiotomy Suturing trainer: Using this module, round up the training process by imparting the basic skills of suturing for injuries caused by childbirth. The Episiotomy suturing trainer can help demonstrate the process of suturing different birthing injuries such as Mediolateral left, Medial, or midline.
C- Celia: We have you covered not just in the natural birthing process but to train your students in the different complete cesarean procedures with realistic incision and amniotic fluid. Check out the full range of C- Celia trainers that help you teach fetal extraction, emergency c-section, hysterectomy, and postpartum hemorrhage control.  
3B Scientific birthing simulators come in different price ranges to help you choose the most suitable trainer for your classroom and a simulator that fits your budget. Also, feel free to ask us for a live demo of any 3B Scientific simulator of your choice; we know it helps if you get a first-hand experience with the simulator before actually investing in one. 
Meanwhile, get a sneak peek into all the 3B Scientific simulators available in the obstetrics category with a click here.