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3B Scientific acquires iNNOGING Medical

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3B Scientific, a leading manufacturer and marketer of medical simulation products and anatomical models for healthcare education, announces today that it has reached an agreement to acquire iNNOGING Medical.

iNNOGING Medical has developed the pioneering cloud-based SaaS solution e Sono for ultrasound simulation that enables users to train and analyze ultrasound scans, anywhere, anytime using any internet-connected device on real-life scenarios as if the patient was right next to them. Led by CEO Adi Baruch and CTO Eliad Moshe, iNNOGING Medical was built by a highly experienced, innovative group of industry and tech leaders, with a shared vision of revolutionizing the way ultrasound image analysis is trained for the improvement of ultrasound diagnosis worldwide.

Todd A. Murray, CEO of 3B Scientific, shared: “We're extremely excited to have iNNOGING Medical join our growing 3B Scientific family! Their innovative approach to digitally training ultrasound skills with e Sono is truly impressive. Together, we will work towards revolutionizing the field of sonography training. Our shared goal is to make a profound impact on healthcare education worldwide.”

Adi Baruch, co-founder and CEO of iNNOGING Medical, commented: “We are incredibly excited to join forces with 3B Scientific, embarking on our journey to redefine the landscape of digital ultrasound simulation with e Sono. Together with the development strength and global reach of 3B Scientific, we aim to revolutionize how healthcare professionals acquire and train their ultrasound skills. This partnership marks a pivotal step forward in our commitment to advance ultrasound training around the world.”

About the 3B Scientific Group

3B Scientific, established in 1948 in Hamburg, Germany, is a global provider of state-of-the-art medical simulators, catering to medical education training across all levels. Building on an extensive range of top-quality educational and simulation products, the 3B Scientific Group of Companies has established a strong presence in over 120 countries worldwide. Using this wide-reaching platform, 3B Scientific continues to drive its mission forward: advancing the delivery of medical and healthcare education worldwide.

For further insights into 3B Scientific, visit www.3bscientific.com.

About iNNOGING Medical Founded in 2018, iNNOGING Medical has undergone four years of technological development. The company successfully addressed a critical technology gap in ultrasound diagnosis and turned it into a web-based SaaS ultrasound simulator. The e Sono ultrasound simulator empowers medical students and practitioners to practice real ultrasound scenarios via the internet, from any location, without the need for specialized equipment. This solution designed to accommodate an unlimited number of users and includes both basic content packages and a smart curriculum creator.

Driven by innovative cutting-edge technology, iNNOGING Medical is dedicated to revolutionizing the ultrasound simulation market.

To learn more about iNNOGING Medical, visit www.3bscientific.com/innoging.