Plastic cupping set,17cups with pump and tube

Plastic cupping set,17cups with pump and tube, 1013327, Cupping Glasses
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The cupping set comes in an elegant lightweight case, easier to carry and store. Cups are non-breakable and there is a valve on the top. Place the hand pump on top of the cup, apply pressure. To release pressure press the valve. 17 cups in total. 2” diameter (13pcs), 1.8” (1pc), 1.6” (1pc), 1.3” (1pc), and 1.0” (1pc). 1 suction pump. 1 extension tube, 26” length.
Артикул: 1013327
Вес 1.471 kg
Размеры 36 x 25 x 9 cm
Торговая марка Dongbang
MPN: DB350

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