On this site you can find extensive information about 3B Scientific® Products. But reading about sophisticated physics apparatus or anatomical models is no substitute for trying it yourself.

To help you get started, we have created a series of product demo movies so you can see the products in action right away.

No downloads are necessary – they all run directly in your browser. Get the big picture, view the short movies now.

B40 - Модель торса человека, с мышцами, двуполая, класса «люкс», 31 часть - 3B Smart Anatomy
C18 - Классическая модель мозга, 5 частей - 3B Smart Anatomy
VA01 - Мужская фигура с мышцами, в натуральную величину, 37 частей - 3B Smart Anatomy
W42565 - Модель областей мозга, 4 части