3BTAPE Coated Kinesiology Scissors

3BTAPE Coated Kinesiology Scissors, 1014148 [S-3BSCISSOR], Терапевтический кинезиологии ленты
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The latest innovation in engineering and craftsmanship, the 3BTAPE Coated Kinesiology Taping Scissors.

3BTAPE Coated Pro Kinesiology Taping Scissors are made from high carbon stainless steel which keeps the blade razor-sharp for years. These Kinesiology Taping Scissors are specially coated with black carbon and a fluorine resin which prevents the scissors from getting gummed up by the tape adhesive
  • Easily cuts multiple strips of Kinesiology tape at the same time
  • Made from premium high carbon stainless steel
  • Blade stays razor sharp for years
  • Special coating virtually eliminates adhesive residue
  • Perfectly balanced for precision cutting
Артикул: 1014148 [S-3BSCISSOR]
Вес 0.106 kg
Торговая марка 3B Scientific

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