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Polarimeter, 1008696 [U33400], Polarisation
Polarimeter, 1008696 [U33400], Polarisation



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Polarimeter with a sodium lamp as the light source for the measurement of the rotation and the rotation direction of the polarization plane of polarized light through optically active substances as well for the determination of the concentration of liquids.
Robust metal stand with slightly tilted shaft for tubes with lengths up to 220 mm. With swivel cover, analyzer and polarizer. Includes polarimeter tubes 100 mm, 200 mm and spare sodium lamp.

Measurement range: 2 semi-circles (0 - 180°)
Glass tubes: 100 and 200 mm, 15 mm dia.
Scale division: 1°
Readability: 0.05° (with Vernier scale)
Dimensions: 200x360x450 mm³
Weight: 10 kg
Light source: Sodium lamp (589 nm)
Mains voltage: 115 V … 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Polarimeter Tube 100 mm , 1012883 [U33401], Polarisation
92.82 €
Polarimeter Tube 200 mm , 1012884 [U33402], Polarisation
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Spare Sodium Lamp, 1012885 [U33403], Polarisation
92.23 €
Product Data
Item No. 1008696 [U33400]
Weight 6.269 kg
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