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In August 2023, 3B Scientific acquired iNNOGING Medical, a pioneering company who has developed the cloud-based SaaS solution e Sono for ultrasound simulation that enables users to train and  analyze ultrasound scans anytime, anywhere, using any device on real-life scenarios as if the patient was right next to them. Led by CEO Adi Baruch and CTO Eliad Moshe, iNNOGING Medical was built by a highly experienced, innovative group of industry and tech leaders, with a shared vision of revolutionizing the way ultrasound image analysis is trained for the improvement of diagnosis worldwide.

Ultrasound is a medical imaging technique that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of internal body structures. It involves the use of a transducer, which emits sound waves and detects the echoes as they bounce off different tissues and organs. These echoes are then detected and converted into electrical signals by the transducer. The signals are processed by a computer, which creates an image on a screen which is the visual representation of the internal structures. It is non-invasive, safe, painless, and does not involve the use of ionizing radiation. This technique allows the visualization of organs, tissues, blood vessels, and other structures in real-time.

Ultrasound imaging is commonly used to monitor pregnancies, diagnose various medical conditions, and guide medical procedures.

E Sono – A breakthrough in ultrasound simulation

e Sono is a revolutionary cloud-based SaaS ultrasound simulator, allowing medical and sonography students and clinicians of all levels of experience to learn and further improve their ultrasound skills on any device from anywhere with an internet connection.

Benefits for Educators

  • Work with a growing library of 300 hundred exercices
  • Includes pathology ultrasound scans
  • Give the students flexibility of when and how to learn
  • Offer engaging digital training to complement lab time
  • Save evaluation time with automated objective assesment
  • Accommodate learners of different levels in one single solution
  • Ability to create your own content

Benefits for Learners

  • Navigate throuh real ultrasound columes as if you were with the patient
  • Prep yourself on specific content before class
  • Receive immediate feedback on each exercise
  • Practice probe positioning and learn hand-eye coordination
  • Learn anywhere, anytime and improve your skills

The iNNOGING ultrasound simulation platform e Sono utilizes advanced technology to reproduce highly realistic ultrasound images, allowing medical professionalslearners  to enhance their skills and knowledge without the need for physical patients or expensive equipment. This cloud-based solution offers a convenient and flexible training experience for every skill level of ultrasound education.
The user-friendly interface of iNNOGING e Sono allows for easy manipulation and interpretation of ultrasound images. Professionals can utilize a variety of tools, such as zooming, rotating, and adjusting different settings, to analyze the scans accurately. This interactive experience helps simulate a realistic patient interaction, fostering a more practical and immersive learning environment.
With e Sono, users can access a wide range of ultrasound scans from various anatomical regions, including the abdomen, pelvis, cardiology, and vascular systems. These scans provide an authentic training environment. The platform also offers a comprehensive library of clinical cases and pathologies, enabling users to enhance their diagnostic abilities.

This kind of ultrasound simulation training equips all learners with the skills and knowledge needed to start working on a real ultrasound machine, capture images of internal organs and body structures, and interpret the resulting images for medical diagnosis purposes. Hands-on training is an integral part of ultrasound education, as students gain practical experience in clinical settings under the supervision of experienced professionals. Overall, e Sono is a cutting-edge ultrasound simulation solution that brings convenience, accessibility, and realism to medical ultrasound training.

Create content from an extensive library and easily share it with learners

e Sono comes with a large library of ultrasound skill exercises and courses using 2D, 3D and 4D scan volumes. Instructors can modify or create their own courses based on specific learning outcomes, and easily scale it from 10 to 10000's users with no special location or equipment needed.

Upload additional content to enrich learners experience

Clinicians can also upload their own proprietary scan data from any ultrasound device to create unique and customized teaching content in minutes. Define exercise parameters and e Sono will give you an objective assessment of the student’s skills, saving you hours of time as an examiner.

Get the most of your training with real ultrasound scans and visualization tools

Explore the world of clinical ultrasound training with e Sono! Using your own cellphone as a virtual probe, with no additional software necessary, to navigate through the ultrasound volumes.

eSono Ultrasound image
eSono Probe
Probe Control
Learn How to get the right image with the digital probe
Measure and annotate your image
eSono eco
Immediate Feedback
Allow learners to compare their images with the Expert View

About iNNOGING Medical

Founded in 2018, iNNOGING Medical has undergone four years of technological development. The company successfully addressed a critical technology gap in ultrasound diagnosis and turned it into a web-based SaaS ultrasound simulator. The eSono ultrasound simulator empowers medical students and practitioners to practice real ultrasound scenarios via the internet, from any location, without the need for specialized equipment. This solution designed to accommodate an unlimited number of users and includes both basic content packages and a smart curriculum creator.
Driven by innovative cutting-edge technology, iNNOGING Medical is dedicated to revolutionizing the ultrasound simulation market. 

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