We are on a mission to globally advance the delivery of healthcare and science education and believe that a diverse and respectful workforce is the basis for making a real change. Every person's unique background, culture and experience help shape our industry and have a lasting effect on the success story of the 3B Scientific Group of Companies. Together, we learn, grow and have fun achieving our mission.

Take a look at our workforce data, the progress we made over the years and our employee stories to find out who we are at our hearts.

Todd A. Murray, CEO

our product manager sarah


Product Manager
Hamburg, Germany

In 2016, Sarah joined 3B Scientific in her role as Product Manager Medical Simulation in Hamburg. "Working at the headquarters of a global company like 3B places an emphasis on the relevance of incorporating various views and perspectives from both colleagues, Business Partners and customers around the world."

Sarah is fluent in English, German, Swahili and Kikuyu and her native language is Dholuo. For Sarah, the meaning of culture and diversity is the equal opportunity to work for people from various genders, races, or beliefs. "Talents, skills and experiences from various nationalities and age groups are appreciated and there is a conducive working atmosphere for all."

In her experience, "inclusion is key at 3B Scientific. As an African working in Product Management in Hamburg, I feel fully integrated to the team and appreciate my colleagues for making me be at home." In her opinion, Germany as a country should be more open to diversity both at the workplace, personal and business levels. "With mixed nationalities together at workplace comes definitely a richer and healthier working environment."


Global Workforce

Diverse perspectives and a respectful culture foster innovation and success at 3B Scientific. Our workforce comes from all over the world.

Together, we speak more than 30 languages with many employees being fluent in 2 or more. English is our business language across the globe, but we respectfully communicate with our customers in their local language.

diagram showing the worldwide workforce by continents

Joachim's journey with 3B Scientific started almost 20 years ago. His focus is on establishing and maintaining a global distribution including frequent traveling to Africa, India and the Middle East. For Joachim, it is important to be able to identify with his employer. "Working in the educational field and selling ethical products while constantly being in touch with other cultures comes naturally with my career at 3B Scientific."

"The basis of 3B Scientific‘s success is diversity. Together with permanent learning, enrichment of one's personal and office life, handling unexpected problems and finding fitting solutions for them, contains culture and diversity at 3B Scientific."

"It is important to not copy other cultures, but staying authentic with your own culture and including aspects of other cultures to raise diversity. There are huge differences between the countries and we should learn to see and to respect it", he says.

our sales manager achim


Sales Manager
Hamburg, Germany

our trainee dilara


Supply Chain Management
Hamburg, Germany

"No matter what religion, origin, or skin color you have, at 3B Scientific the most important thing is to be a human and successful in what you do." This statement from Dilara best describes her enthusiasm for being a part of 3B Scientific's ongoing success.

Dilara started her career at 3B Scientific in 2017 with a one-year product management and marketing internship. She then started her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at 3B Scientific. She went through the different departments during this time and gained interesting and instructive insights. After passing the first-class exam of the trainee program, she accepted the offer to continue being a part of the 3B Scientific family and now works in the Supply Chain Management team at 3B Scientific. Today, her activities include processing purchase orders and customer orders, selling production materials within a group of companies, and procuring in-house manufactured models.

Dilara is fluent in German and English, and her mother tongue is Turkish. . "Due to my Turkish migration background, I have often come into contact with the topic of culture & diversity. Since childhood, I have been wearing two hats and living with two cultures." For Dilara, the most important thing is acceptance. In her experience, 3B Scientific provides equal opportunities for people from all cultural backgrounds. As a part of the 3B Scientific family, she found a variety of different cultures, ethnicities, and diversity complementing, enhancing, and thus enriching each other.

our head of marketing anna


Head of Marketing
Hamburg, Germany

Anna's career at 3B Scientific has spanned two continents and 10 years. She started in Atlanta, GA, and then advanced to opportunities opening up at the Headquarter in Hamburg, Germany.

"Moving from the US office to the Headquarter in Hamburg was a big step and an amazing opportunity to work at the 'core' of the company. Today, I am the leader of an extremely talented and focused team. Having a young son, I especially value the flexibility 3B Scientific offers its employees in support of individual life-styles."

From the very beginning of her career, Anna received tailored mentorship and constant feedback to advance her skills. Today, she is using her experience to foster a respectful culture in her team, valuing each colleague's personality and strength, as well as their work-life balance.

3B Scientific enables a work environment that thrives with the different cultural backgrounds of its employees, Anna explains. "We have offices in 15 different countries, our employees speak over 30 different languages and our workforce consists of a progressive mix of women and men across all age groups. These employees and their individual personalities and differences are the real asset and the reason for 3B Scientific's global success."

Global Gender

donut diagram showing global gender percentages

We are making progress every day

3B Scientific has always focused on a progressive hiring mentality, but real progress has shown especially in the past four years. We've looked carefully at our hiring processes to pursue equal representation of our workforce at all levels. We can now report new talent being attracted from diverse backgrounds and cultures, leading our workforce to an almost equal representation of female and male employees.

Thanks to fostering a respectful and diverse culture and leadership development, the gender ratio in our management is also starting to reflect our progress through a growing number of female leaders across the globe.

Global Age

donut diagram showing percentages of global age groups
<25 Years
25-35 Years
36-45 Years
46-55 Years
56-65 Years

3B Scientific's workforce is diverse also in respect of its age. With a multigenerational team aging from 18 to 65, 3B Scientific employees profit from one another's experience, innovation, perspective and expectation.

The result is a highly performing team mastering complex decision-making tasks and a low turnover driven by loyalty and development.

our marketing assistant mei-chun


Marketing Assistant
Hamburg, Germany

Mei-Chun started her career with 3B Scientific in 2008. In the past 12 years, she had the opportunity to work both in product management and marketing, making her highly skilled in communication with both teams and understanding the priorities. Mei-Chun sets an amazing example of balancing her career and her family life, being a powerful role model for her three children.

Being fluent in Chinese, English and German, Mei-Chun defines "Culture & Diversity" not only as different languages, regions, religions, genders, believes and opinions, but also a perfect mixture of these points and the mutual respect of cultural diversity.

"The multicultural environment and great colleagueship at 3B Scientific means a lot to me, as a non-German I feel very comfortable and delighted to work here. I have met many people from different countries and have made a lot of friends here."

Mei-Chun's personal experience with the differences of the work place cultures between Asia and Germany has taught her that "learning from both cultures brings out a good mixture of individual and team working skills."

Miguel started his career with 3B Scientific in 2001. He brings a unique cultural background to his job, of Spanish parents who was born and raised in London and keeps true to his British heritage.

"Being an international person myself, it is of great importance to reach out further than ones horizons and interact with other cultures. 3B Scientific is extremely diverse, which makes my everyday working life more interesting, exciting and sometimes even in a positive way challenging."

Miguel and his team foster both culture and diversity. "A perfect mixture would help us learn and benefit from each other and not hinder our personal and business aspirations. 3B Scientific offers a professional and friendly atmosphere working alongside young and dynamic colleagues."

our product manager miguel


Product Manager
Hamburg, Germany

our famous skeleton stan


Skeleton Model & Feelgood Manager

Stan has started his career with 3B Scientific back in 1948 and is the oldest member of our workforce. He constantly travels and one of his biggest roles is the education about the anatomy of the human skeletal system.

Today, Stan lives in almost every city of the world, may it be in universities, hospitals, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, schools or even as decoration for Halloween.

One of Stan's latest adventures was becoming a virtual anatomy model. He has mastered this challenge and now assists students across the globe to study remotely.

Global Loyalty

donut diagram showing percentages of global loyalty
0-2 Years
3-6 Years
7-10 Years
11-15 Years
16-20 Years
21-25 Years
26-39 Years

Progress in the global development and retention of talent also shows in the number of years 3B Scientific employees stay with the company.

In average, 38% of our employees stay with us for seven years or longer.