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Launcher S

Launcher S, 1000740 [U8400930], Vertical and Horizontal Trajectories
Launcher S, 1000740 [U8400930], Vertical and Horizontal Trajectories

Launcher S


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Experimental apparatus for studying vertical and horizontal trajectories as well as trajectories starting at intermediate angles. Also demonstrates the independence of the horizontal and vertical components of motion (for projectiles).
Provides for three different launch velocities. Angle of launch can be adjusted to any arbitrary angle and read off from a protractor scale with a plumb line.
The projectile ball is held in place by a magnet until the moment of launch so that the height of the trajectory is independent of the launch angle. When a projectile is launched, a second ball can be released simultaneously from the other side of the launcher that then descends in free fall. The latter should strike the floor at the same time as the projectile if the launch angle is horizontal.
Launch angle: 0° – 90°
Maximum range: 4 m
Projectile diameter: 16 mm
Projectile weight: 17 g approx.
Diameter : 280 x 90 x 90 mm³ approx.
Total weight: 950 g approx.
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7.85 €
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Product Data
Item No. 1000740 [U8400930]
Weight 0.984 kg
Brand 3B Scientific
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