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iSimulate launches REALITi Go to replace the ALSi system - Get a free upgrade now

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Ready, Set, Go: introducing the new ALS patient monitor simulator

REALITi Go by iSimulate is the successor system to the famous ALSi Patient Condition Simulator for paramedic and HEMS training in Advanced Life Support (ALS). REALITi Go is the lightweight and powerful as well as the most economic version of the simulated patient monitors by iSimulate. It is part of the smart, integrated and modular simulation ecosystem REALITi360 and offers more flexibility and additional benefits compared with its predecessor ALSi.

REALITi Go mimics defibrillators, patient monitors and ventilators for extremely realistic simulations. The generic patient monitor screen simulations developed by iSimulate look, sound and work like the real thing.

Current owners of the iSimulate ALSi system can now upgrade for free – for a limited time!

With the launch of REALITi Go, all current ALSi license holders can upgrade their ALSi software to REALITi Go with no extra cost.

Upgrade your ALSi now or get the new REALITi Go software to benefit from COVID-19 training scenarios, a ventilator simulation, Life in the Fast Lane Media, 5 patient monitor screens and much more.

Contact us to upgrade today and to have a look at all features of REALITi Go here.

Ready. Set. Go. Watch this quick video to see the new REALITi Go in action. 30 seconds packed with screens, shock, imaging, labs and review - thank you iSimulate for putting this video together!

Good to know: There are specific hardware requirements to perform this upgrade. Depending on when you purchased ALSi, many, if not all of your existing components, can be used with REALITi Go.