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How to move your ALSi scenarios to your new REALITi Go system

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iSimulate offers a helpful video to explain owners of the old ALSi system how to move their scenarios into the new REALITi Go system.

With the release of REALITi Go and all of its advantages over ALSi, iSimulate is offering a free upgrade for current users of ALSi to the new training platform. With this upgrade comes the question on what to do with all of the scenarios that users created over the years. The good news: it is quite easy to keep them and move them into the new system where you will be able to continue to use them for your training.

Here is the video with a full step-by-step instruction on moving your scenarios:

About the REALITi Go Patient Monitor Simulator by iSimulate:

REALITi Go is the successor system to the famous ALSi Patient Condition Simulator for paramedic and HEMS training in Advanced Life Support.
REALITi Go is the entry level version of the REALITi 360 Ecosystem and allows medical educators to run multiple scenarios on generic patient monitor screens. It is really a complete mobile sim center in a bag. You can conduct your training and evaluation in-situ in an ambulance, a helicopter, emergency room or in a sim center or skills lab. You are only limited by your imagination.

With REALITi Go, users receive 5 generic patient monitor screens plus a ventilator screen simulation:
  • Generic Screen - Defibrillator Screen Simulation
  • Generic Screen - Monitor Screen Simulation
  • Generic Screen - AED Screen Simulation
  • Generic Screen - Vital Signs Simulation
  • Generic Screen - Vital Signs with Single Waveform Simulation
  • Generic Screen - Ventilator Simulation of ReVel®
Just like all iSimulate training systems, REALITi Go includes all the hardware and software needed to start your simulation training right away.

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