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Celebrate World Heart Day 2022: Use a heart for every heart

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The world leaders are committed to reducing NCD (non-communicable diseases) by 25% by 2025. The World Heart Federation (WFD) initiated World Heart Day with this objective. Observed yearly to raise awareness about CVD (cardiovascular diseases) causes, prevention, and symptoms, World Heart Day's call-to-action focuses on a new theme each year.
Theme this year: "Use heart for every heart."
The heart is more than just an anatomically visible muscle. Aristotle famously stated that "the heart is the center of the human body, the seat of the soul and the emotions, and a primary sense organ of the body." Even a recent study in neurocardiology showed that much like the cranial brain, the heart is a sensory organ with circuitry that makes it capable of encoding & processing information, which further enables us to remember, learn, and make functional decisions. Therefore, why not use the potential of this mighty organ thoughtfully in making the right decisions, being mindful, and in helping others. WFD’s World Heart Day 2022 campaign urges everyone to use our hearts for important causes such as:
Use Heart for Humanity 
Not every person in this world has access to treatment and support for cardiovascular diseases. Almost 75% of CVD-related deaths occur in low to middle-income countries. This humanitarian cause needs the world's attention. Therefore, we urge you to involve in global events like World Heart Day and empower your community to spread awareness that can help make a difference in the lives of all humans. 
Use Heart for Nature
Air pollution is the cause of 25% of all CVD deaths, taking the lives of 7 million people every year. While the solution is in our hands, why does the world still have such a massive number of affected persons? It is because not many have taken dedicated measures to improve the situation. Therefore, without wasting any more time, we should collectively put efforts into bringing a change in environmental health by choosing to walk or cycle rather than using a car, switching to zero-emission vehicles, and lending our voice to demanding stronger clean air legislation.
Use Heart for You: 
The importance of psychological well-being has become more vital than ever. We see more and more diseases stemming from stress. Cardiovascular diseases get aggravated by mental duress, leading to a heart attack. We must indulge in therapy and fitness, and get enough quality sleep to reduce stress levels. 
And finally, take care, use your heart for yourself, others, and the planet.