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Breast Cancer Awareness month: Stay ahead of cancer!

3B Scientific GmbH

October is here! Each year, this month is dedicated to creating breast cancer awareness around the world. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers that endanger women's lives across continents. How can one reduce the risk of breast cancer? To answer this question, we urge you to stay ahead of breast cancer with a simple preventative measure: early detection. 
Early detection of breast cancer 
Whether showing symptoms or not, early detection is key to lowering the risk of life-threatening outcomes from breast cancer. Therefore, we must remind all our fellow women to opt for a yearly breast cancer screening from age 40.
A mammogram, physical examination by a doctor, or even self-examination play a vital role in the early detection of these painless lumps in the breast. Also, women should see the doctor even when encountering the slightest change in the breast and look for visible symptoms like a lump, nipple discharge, skin texture or pigmentation around the breast, change in size or shape of the breast, or any other suspicious change.
Training professionals in breast examination:
The role of healthcare professionals in early breast cancer diagnosis is vital. To spot the symptoms in a patient, it is crucial for the doctors, nurses, or residents to have sufficient knowledge and practice in the detections of breast cancer. There are different breast tissue, texture, and anomalies to be learnt. Therefore, right training helps professionals to make the right diagnosis and to educate their patients. 
Likewise, it is equally crucial for the medical simulation industry to innovate the best trainers to support early detection in breast cancer patients. Using the correct training tools can make all the difference. With this objective, 3B Scientific also offers models, simulators, and educational resources that best emulate real breast tissues and anatomy. Breast Examination ModelsPosters, and realistic models for acquiring skills such as Puncture and Biopsy are the best ways to teach clinical breast examination that provide well-rounded training to medical professionals.