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High-Voltage Power Supply 10 kV (230 V, 50/60 Hz)

High-Voltage Power Supply 10 kV (230 V, 50/60 Hz), 1019234 [U8557480-230], Power Supplies
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Universally applicable, floating high-voltage source for experiments on electrostatics or for operating electron tubes. With built-in transformer resistance to external voltage to provide the heating voltage for electron tubes. Continuously adjustable high-voltage source, which is safe to touch, with passive current limiting and digital voltage display. A temperature-controlled fan protects the equipment from overheating. Output voltage harmless to touch (ISC max. 2 mA) Safety transformer conforming to EN 61558-2-6.
Safe isolation between power supply and output circuits.

High-voltage output: 0 − 10000 V DC, max. 2 mA, floating
Heater voltage output: 6.3 V AC, max. 3 A, resistance to voltage up to 10 kV
Overload protection: Primary fuse: slow-blow 115 V: 2x 1 A, 230 V: 2x 0.5 A Secondary protection: current-limiting resistors
Connectors: 4-mm safety sockets
High-voltage display: digital
Dimensions: 240 x 220 x 90 mm3 approx.
Weight: 2.1 kg approx.
Item No.: 1019234 [U8557480-230]
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Product Information
Weight 2.1 kg
Brand 3B Scientific
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