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Add to the clients experience with a Bolster or a Pillow . We offer a choice of full round, half round and jumbo in a variety of colors to match your table. Therapeutic pillows make a great retail line.
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Dejarnette Wedge Style Wedge, 1022621, Pillows and Bolsters

Dejarnette Wedge Style Wedge

From £ 27.00
Item: 1022621

3B Full Round Bolster, Black, 1018650 [W60609BK], Pillows and Bolsters

3B Full Round Bolster, Black

From £ 21.00
Item: 1018650 [W60609BK]

3B Jumbo Half Round Bolster, 1018659 [W60618JHBK], Pillows and Bolsters

3B Jumbo Half Round Bolster

From £ 25.68
Item: 1018659 [W60618JHBK]

3B Jumbo Full Round Bolster, Burgundy, 1018662 [W60619JBG], Pillows and Bolsters

3B Jumbo Full Round Bolster, Burgundy

From £ 26.52
Item: 1018662 [W60619JBG]

3B Half Round Bolster, 1018671 [W60621HBK], Pillows and Bolsters

3B Half Round Bolster

From £ 14.40
Item: 1018671 [W60621HBK]

3B Mini Half Round Bolster, 1018676 [W60622MB], Pillows and Bolsters

3B Mini Half Round Bolster

From £ 9.36
Item: 1018676 [W60622MB]