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New: Aurora – the ventilation training simulator that redefines respiratory simulation and ALS training

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IngMar Medical, a pioneer in respiratory simulation solutions since 1993, has recently become a part of 3B Scientific, a leader in medical and scientific education. This collaboration marks a significant step towards our shared goal of delivering exceptional educational value to healthcare professionals.

The combined expertise of IngMar Medical and 3B Scientific now further strengthens our ability to train clinicians to deliver the highest level of patient care, develop innovative respiratory therapy products, and ensure the safety and quality of respiratory treatments. With a vision focused on enhancing the efficacy of medical simulation to improve patient outcomes, we are excited to present Aurora, our latest advancement in life support and respiratory care training.

What is Aurora?

Aurora is IngMar Medical's latest innovation, a state-of-the-art manikin designed for advanced life support (ALS) and respiratory care education. It's an affordable and versatile training tool that offers a comprehensive, immersive experience for healthcare professionals. Aurora is engineered to mimic complex medical scenarios with remarkable accuracy, enabling clinicians to refine their skills in a safe and controlled environment. The manikin's advanced features include true-to-life anatomical structures, a tetherless design for unrestricted training, and a sophisticated internal lung system based on IngMar Medical’s renowned ASL 5000® Breathing Simulator technology. This combination ensures that Aurora is not just a simulator but a pivotal step in the journey toward clinical excellence and patient safety.

Key Features:

Aurora brings an array of powerful features to the forefront of medical simulation:
  • Fully tetherless system: Offers seamless transition from emergency response training to ICU care scenarios.
  • Diverse training capabilities: Enables comprehensive training on CPR, medication administration, and both oral and nasal intubation using anatomically correct airways.
  • Internal Simulated Lung (ISL): Incorporates the cutting-edge ASL 5000® Breathing Simulator technology, enabling realistic and hands-on ventilation training compatible with a wide range of ventilation techniques and modes.
  • Dynamic patient monitoring: Equipped with a realistic patient monitor that displays critical diagnostics such as ECG, CO2 levels, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation for holistic patient assessments.
  • Customizable scenario building: Offers the ability to create and customize endless scenario options in an intuitive software environment

  • Enhanced realism: Aurora's tetherless technology enables lifelike scenarios that transition smoothly from the field to the hospital.
  • Advanced feedback mechanisms: Provides real-time feedback, allowing learners to refine their techniques on the spot.
  • Comprehensive skill development: Supports extensive training across various medical procedures, ensuring well-rounded skill enhancement.
  • Preparation for complex scenarios: Prepares professionals to confidently manage a spectrum of patient conditions and emergencies with high competence.

Aurora is much more than just a task trainer- it’s a gateway to excellence in comprehensive medical training. If you have any questions or need further information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to assist you every step of the way in your journey toward excellence in ALS training.

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