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Celebrating International Day of Midwives 2024: "Sustainable Midwifery: Caring for Tomorrow’s World”

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Every year on May 5th, the world comes together to celebrate the International Day of Midwives, acknowledging the critical role midwives play in ensuring safe, respectful, and effective care for birthing mothers and their babies. This year, the theme "Sustainable Midwifery: Caring for Tomorrow’s World" emphasizes the pivotal role of midwives in promoting sustainable practices within healthcare.

Midwives: Pioneers of holistic and supportive care

Midwives do more than assist in childbirth; they foster a nurturing and supportive environment that enriches the birth experience for mothers-to-be. Operating within a community-based care model, they champion a holistic approach that enhances mental, emotional, and physical well-being for families. By building strong, trusting relationships, midwives empower expectant mothers to make informed decisions about their birth plans and health. They offer continuous emotional support and practical advice throughout pregnancy, labor, and the postnatal period while advocating for mothers’ needs and preferences to ensure their voices are respected within the healthcare system. Additionally, midwives create a judgment-free safe space that helps reduce anxiety and improve the birthing experience. Through their culturally sensitive and personalized care, midwives not only support individual health but also play a crucial role in preventing maternal and neonatal deaths, particularly in under-resourced areas.

Midwives: As emergency responders and climate advocates

As providers of culturally sensitive healthcare and leaders within their communities, midwives are often the first line of defense in emergencies, including natural disasters and conflicts. When such crises strike, they are frequently the first responders for women, crucial in preventing maternal deaths under challenging circumstances. The ongoing climate crisis poses distinct threats to maternal health. Rising temperatures can exacerbate pregnancy complications, leading to premature births and increasing the risk of miscarriages. In these critical times, midwives offer essential healthcare and advocate for sustainable, safe practices that directly benefit the environment and the communities they serve.

Global and local impact

Globally, midwives are advocates for women’s health rights, working tirelessly to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality, especially in under-resourced areas. By delivering community-focused care, they help make healthcare accessible and sustainable even in remote or marginalized communities.

Locally, midwives often lead by example in adopting green practices in their clinics and advising healthcare facilities on reducing waste and conserving resources. Their efforts in promoting sustainability are crucial in the shift towards greener healthcare systems.
Enhancing midwifery training with 3B Scientific products

3B Scientific is committed to advancing medical education in all its forms, understanding that the quality of training today shapes the healthcare of tomorrow. By equipping training institutions and professionals with high-quality trainers and simulators, 3B Scientific supports an immersive learning experience that is both comprehensive and sustainable. Offering innovative training tools that enhance the education of midwives, 3B Scientific simulators ensure they are prepared for a range of birthing scenarios.

Products such as the Pregnancy Pelvis Model in Median Section with Removable Fetus (40 weeks) offer detailed, hands-on experience for learning about the advanced stages of pregnancy. The Childbirth Demonstration Pelvis Skeleton Model with Fetal Skull and the Birthing Process Model with 5 Stages both serve as essential tools in understanding the mechanics of childbirth. For skill-specific training, the Episiotomy Suture Training Module helps in mastering surgical techniques required during complicated deliveries, and the comprehensive 3B Birthing Simulator Pro offers a realistic scenario-based training environment. competence in future midwives. These resources are instrumental in building confidence and competence in future midwives.

Call to action

This International Day of Midwives, let us support and invest in midwifery programs that prioritize sustainable practices. Whether it’s by advocating for policies that recognize and fund midwives, or by educating ourselves and others about the significant impact of their work, we can all contribute to a healthier, more sustainable world.
Let’s use this opportunity to reflect on the critical role midwives play in our lives and communities and to push forward the agenda of sustainability in healthcare. Join us in celebrating the incredible work of midwives around the world and their contribution to "Caring for Tomorrow’s World."

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