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Muscle models and figures from 3B Scientific help you to master the human musculature. Explore the muscles in 3D using the MICROanatomy™ Muscle Fiber. A single striated muscle fiber is magnified 10,000 times along with its neuromuscular end plate. Break down the muscular anatomy of the leg and hip (9-parts) and the muscles of the arm and shoulder (6-aprts). At 4 ½ feet tall, this full muscle anatomy figure makes a powerful presentation; or choose a torso with muscles they each come with removable internal organs extending their educational value. 3B Scientific has a comprehensive selection of muscle models to meet your needs.
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Muscled Elbow Model, 1019517, Muscle Models

Muscled Elbow Model

£ 181.68
Item: 1019517

Osteoarthritis Hand Model, 1019520, Muscle Models

Osteoarthritis Hand Model

£ 96.00
Item: 1019520