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Medical simulators and clinical skill trainers are an effective tool in medical education. They help train students, doctors, medical personnel, nurses, rescue teams and midwives in developing the necessary skills and techniques before working with a patient.

Medical simulation is used in all aspects of medical education, for example such as: surgical and laparoscopic training, anesthesiology training, obstetric and gynecological training, clinical skill training, first aid, basic and advanced life support, nursing skills, patient care training and diagnostic procedures.

3B Scientific® offers an extensive range of high quality medical simulators, clinical skill trainers and complete skill lab set ups for customers like medical universities, teaching hospitals, specialty courses, life support training centers and many more.

The benefits of medical simulation:
  • Medical simulation closes the gap between theory and work on the patient
  • Medical simulation is flexible and can be tailored to the courses topics
  • Medical simulation trains the hand-eye coordination and force applications
  • Medical simulation is used to perfect clinical skills
  • Medical simulation helps the trainee perform calm and prepared when meeting their first patients
  • With medical simulation, an extensive range of diagnostics and procedures can be trained without waiting for a real patient
  • Medical simulators and clinical skill trainers can be used to assess the skills and knowledge of the trainee
Medical simulators are manufactured to precise anatomical correctness and to simulate human soft tissue and its reactions to offer a realistic training environment with reliable technology.
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Practi-Amoxicillin Suspension 125mg/5mL Oral-Unit Dose (×1), 1024984, Medical Simulators

Practi-Amoxicillin Suspension 125mg/5mL Oral-Unit Dose (×1)

£ 5.04
Item: 1024984

Practi-Misoprostol 200mcg Oral-Unit Dose (×48Tabs), 1024985, Medical Simulators

Practi-Misoprostol 200mcg Oral-Unit Dose (×48Tabs)

£ 19.20
Item: 1024985

Practi-Digoxin 0.125mg Oral-Unit Dose, 1024986, Medical Simulators

Practi-Digoxin 0.125mg Oral-Unit Dose

£ 19.20
Item: 1024986

Practi-Meds Long-Term Care Card Oral (×3Cards), 1024987, Medical Simulators

Practi-Meds Long-Term Care Card Oral (×3Cards)

£ 21.84
Item: 1024987

Practi-Caplet Oral-Bulk (×100Caps), 1024988, Medical Simulators

Practi-Caplet Oral-Bulk (×100Caps)

£ 128.76
Item: 1024988

Practi-Scored Caplet Oral-Bulk (×100Caps), 1024989, Medical Simulators

Practi-Scored Caplet Oral-Bulk (×100Caps)

£ 128.76
Item: 1024989

Practi-Capsule Oral-Bulk, 1024990, Medical Simulators

Practi-Capsule Oral-Bulk

£ 128.76
Item: 1024990

Practi-Tablet Oral-Bulk (×100Tabs), 1024991, Medical Simulators

Practi-Tablet Oral-Bulk (×100Tabs)

£ 128.76
Item: 1024991

Practi-Calcium Carbonate 600mg Oral-Bulk (×100Tabs), 1024992, Medical Simulators

Practi-Calcium Carbonate 600mg Oral-Bulk (×100Tabs)

£ 19.20
Item: 1024992

Practi-Acetaminophen 650mg Oral-Bulk (×100Tabs), 1024993, Medical Simulators

Practi-Acetaminophen 650mg Oral-Bulk (×100Tabs)

£ 19.20
Item: 1024993

Practi-Acetaminophen 240mg Oral-Bulk (×100Tabs), 1024994, Medical Simulators

Practi-Acetaminophen 240mg Oral-Bulk (×100Tabs)

£ 19.20
Item: 1024994

Practi-Acetaminophen 325mg Oral-Bulk (×100Tabs), 1024995, Medical Simulators

Practi-Acetaminophen 325mg Oral-Bulk (×100Tabs)

£ 19.20
Item: 1024995

Practi-Oxycodone Acetaminophen 5mg/325mg (×100Tabs), 1024996, Medical Simulators

Practi-Oxycodone Acetaminophen 5mg/325mg (×100Tabs)

£ 19.20
Item: 1024996

Practi-Aspirin 325mg Oral-Bulk (×100Tabs), 1024998, Medical Simulators

Practi-Aspirin 325mg Oral-Bulk (×100Tabs)

£ 19.20
Item: 1024998

Practi-Acetaminophen 325mg Oral-Unit Dose (×100Tabs), 1024999, Medical Simulators

Practi-Acetaminophen 325mg Oral-Unit Dose (×100Tabs)

£ 19.20
Item: 1024999

Practi-Chewable Aspirin 81mg Oral-Unit (36 tablets), 1025000, Medical Simulators

Practi-Chewable Aspirin 81mg Oral-Unit (36 tablets)

£ 12.84
Item: 1025000

Practi-Ibuprofen 800mg Oral-Bulk (×100Tabs), 1025001, Medical Simulators

Practi-Ibuprofen 800mg Oral-Bulk (×100Tabs)

£ 19.20
Item: 1025001

Practi-Lorazepam (Oral-Bulk) (×100Tabs), 1025002, Medical Simulators

Practi-Lorazepam (Oral-Bulk) (×100Tabs)

£ 19.20
Item: 1025002

Practi-Nitroglycerin 0.4mg Sublingual Tablet (×48Tabs), 1025003, Medical Simulators

Practi-Nitroglycerin 0.4mg Sublingual Tablet (×48Tabs)

£ 32.16
Item: 1025003

Practi-Tegretal 100mg/5mL Oral Suspension (×50), 1025004, Medical Simulators

Practi-Tegretal 100mg/5mL Oral Suspension (×50)

£ 19.20
Item: 1025004

Practi-Simulated Urine (×1), 1025005, Medical Simulators

Practi-Simulated Urine (×1)

£ 11.88
Item: 1025005

Practi-Simulated Blood (×1), 1025006, Medical Simulators

Practi-Simulated Blood (×1)

£ 10.20
Item: 1025006

Practi-Inhaler (×5), 1025007, Medical Simulators

Practi-Inhaler (×5)

£ 55.32
Item: 1025007

Practi-Ipratropium Inhaler CFC Free (×5), 1025008, Medical Simulators

Practi-Ipratropium Inhaler CFC Free (×5)

£ 57.96
Item: 1025008

Practi-ProAyer Inhaler CFC Free (×5), 1025009, Medical Simulators

Practi-ProAyer Inhaler CFC Free (×5)

£ 57.96
Item: 1025009