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Fire cupping glass set, 6 pcs. 70 mm

Fire cupping glass set, 6 pcs. 70 mm


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Cupping glasses are made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass and can be easily cleaned and disinfected (dishwasher, steriliser etc.). These high-quality cupping glasses are made by hand (mouth-blown and hand-shaped).

Delivery contents: 6 cupping glasses, approx. 70 mm

The vacuum required for cupping is produced by fire. A flame is placed up into the cupping glass. The air inside then expands, and some escapes from the cupping glass. Now, the cupping glass must be quickly placed on to the skin; the edge of the cupping glass forms an airtight seal with the skin. The air in the glass cools down again, and contracts. A vacuum is created that affects the skin under the cupping glass.

Note that cupping only works if the cupping glass is airtight. The diameter of the cupping glass must fit the curvature of the surface of the skin. It is very important that the flame is only left to work for a very short time. Otherwise both the air and the cupping glass will heat up, causing burns when placed on the skin!

The size may differ slightly from one glass to another because they are made totally by hand. 
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