Update kit P50 Infusion system

Update kit P50 Infusion system, 1021421 [XP50-004], Intravenous (I.v.) and Arterial
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This update kit will enable you to improve your 3B Scientific® I.V Injection Arm P50 1000509.
Improvement of the infusion system:
  • The infusion system of the I.V. injection arm is now easier to install.
  • The infusion system is now a closed system reducing the risk of leakage during use.

Improvement of the artificial blood:
  • The blood aspect is more realistic.
  • Any stains caused by the new artificial blood can be washed out at 40°C.
Increase of efficiency:
  • The new bottle of 250ml allows 10 applications, 6 more than the previous bottle (1020733).

Delivered with:
  • 1 stand
  • 1 infusion bottle with a tube locking clip and a Y-tube connector
  • 1 transparent tube connector • 3 infusion tube system (as replacement parts)
  • 1 bottle of 3B Scientific® artificial blood concentrate (250ml)
After the installation of the update kit you will be in possession of the I.V. Injection Arm P50/1 (1021418)
Item No.: 1021421 [XP50-004]
Weight 0.63 kg
Brand 3B Scientific
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