Human skeleton models from 3B Scientific are the products of choice among anatomy schools, medical universities and medical professionals worldwide. Anatomical correctness, German manufacturing quality and attention to detail are what makes the 3B human skeleton models so highly rated. We offer a selection of flexible and stiff skeleton models, skeletons with ligaments and muscles, posters of the skeletal system, and mini-skeletons for those looking for quality but dont have the space for a full size human skeleton.

Our medical quality skeleton models are natural casts, hand-assembled and finished, with all 200+ human bones cast in unbreakable plastic to be durable for years to come. 3B Scientific skeleton models come in a variety of versions. From the full-size Classic Skeleton Stan to our Super Skeleton Max with over 600 hand painted items of medical interest, be sure to find a skeleton that meets your requirements and fits your budget. Study the skeletal system and individual human bones with 3B Scientific disarticulated skeletons and bones models. All have the 3B Scientific Three Year Quality Warranty.
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